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Who is Amy Pospiech?

Multi-Faceted and Proud Jersey Girl!

I am an energetic entrepreneur from "central" New Jersey (yes, we do exist). I studied marketing and international business as a double major at Temple University and completed a Bachelor of Business Administration in the Spring of 2010 after a stint studying architecture and graphic design. I was then employed in a product management role at a B2B software company before settling in as the creative director of Color & Code, a graphic and web design agency.

This certainly keeps me busy enough, but in my "free time," my extracurricular interests include: 3D computer modeling and animation using Poser, Blender, and other fun software packages; cooking healthy and low-carb food; doing Bikram yoga; dancing to electronic, Latin, or any kind of music; finding fashionable bargains at the thrift store; speaking Italian; dressing up as a flapper from the 1920s and learning cute slang terms from the Jazz age such as "cake eater;" interior decorating; scrapbooking; Zumba fitness; and creative writing. I also enjoy blogging at Whoa It's My Life, which started as a means to communicate my semester abroad in Rome, Italy with family and friends back home. I liked it so much, I have kept it going to this day -- nearly 4 years since my return to the States.

I currently split my time between the East and West coasts, finding residence in either Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or San Francisco, California. In the end, though, I always find my way home to visit my lovely parents, younger sister, and favorite golden retriever Luci in good ol' New Jersey!

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