STARVING ARTIST: Will work for Food

I do commissions for portraits, landscapes, dreamscapes, skyscrapers (sort of). I make handmade gifts and greeting cards for all occasions. I create unique media content such as online and offline slideshows, interactive e-cards, and more. I like things that are bright, funky, retro, modern, girly, sleek, elegant, fun, original, and beautiful.

If any of this sounds like something you might want, get in touch with me! Don't be shy...

Payment may be made in cheese and crackers, Chinese take out, pasta ragu, mac 'n cheese... heck, even Ramen noodles! Personal checks are also accepted.

Need a web site designer, blogger, social media consultant, and/or SEO expert? I do that stuff too (actually, it's my day job). Please read this page for more details.

Contact me today!